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A Very (Mr.) Happy Birthday

I was feeling a bit low last Friday. Our two weeks of holiday were coming to an end and I really would have loved to have another week (or 3) off. But by Sunday I was looking forward to resuming lessons and trying out Song School Latin.

Saturday was Esa’s seventh birthday. I decided to throw him a real party. In the past we’ve either done something as just the three of us; stayed home, ordered pizza, and watched a movie; or just had a cousin or two over to play for a bit. I’ve always made him a cake and made a fuss over him, but he’s never had a real party.

It was, however, still a modest affair as birthday parties go. We played pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey (homemade), musical chairs (which made me a little uncomfortable because I don’t like games where children get “out”…they always look so sad, and it’s supposed to be a party after all…), pass-the-parcel, and the piece de resistance: a piñata (again, painstakingly homemade.) The piñata was filled with fantastic goodies: party crackers, mini Mars bars, Kinder hippos, Pop Rocks, chocolate coins, Love Hearts, and loads more.

The piñata took nearly an  hour to bust. Initially, the children were blindfolded and allowed 3 swings (they were allowed to feel for it first). After each child had had 2 or 3 goes, we did away with the blindfold. At one point, the piñata broke away from the string, and the children shouted with joy, but my husband, who was enjoying it more than anyone, shouted, “Wait! It’s not open! I’ll reattach the string and you can keep bashing it!”


So, the fun went on for another 30  minutes. By the time the piñata was well and truly busted, the stick they used to bash it was broken and those poor kids barely had the strength to gather up the goodies.

Not really. The sight of chocolate was like reviving salts- they dove after the stuff.

As I’ve mentioned before, Esa loves Mr. Men. We decided to do a Mr. Men-themed party, so we had plates, cups, napkins, and banners all in Mr. Men. He requested carrot cake, which I iced and decorated with Mr. Happy, his favourite Mr. Man.  He also received a Mr. Happy mug, a SpongeBob calendar, a Lego annual, Tonka trucks, some money, and agamefor thexboxthathegotfromhisdadandIknowIsaidI’dneverallowhimtohaveonebut theyworemedownandreallyhe’sbeenveryrestrainedandI’mnotallowinghimto playittoomuchsopleasedon’tshootmeeventhoughI’mahypocrite.


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What Have I Done to the Poor Boy?

I heard something yesterday that stopped me in my tracks.

I’d put on some Mozart during our art lesson, and as often happens, left it playing after we’d finished since we both enjoy it so much. Esa was doing a puzzle (I think) and I went upstairs to hang up some wet clothes to dry.

Now, some classical pieces are operas, or set to operas, or part of operas, or whatever. We often skip over the ‘songs with singing’ because they’re often not to our taste. But this has been happening less and less lately, more out of  can’t-be-bothered-ness than anything.

Whilst hanging up the wet clothes, one of these ‘songs with singing’ had come on, and within a few minutes, I distinctly heard two voices opera-ing away. I froze, with Mr. Men pyjamas held aloft, listening to this opera-singing child of mine, eyebrows furrowed in confusion and amazement.

Then I shrugged my shoulders, muttered a little ‘eh’ and continued with my work.

Just another you-must-be-a-homeschooler moment. We get a lot of those around here.

And yes, he does like to sing in the shower.


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