Computer Games for Those Who Don’t Normally Like Computer Games

10 Apr

The wife of one of my husband’s cousins introduced me to something. Well, two somethings. Two very fun games. Online. Computer games. I don’t like computer games, but I love these two games.

Gardenhood and Barn Buddy.

Now, you have to register on one of those social networking sites to play (and I think facebook has Barn Buddy). I made up a name (Tulip Bulb) and birthdate (I’m like, 20) and used an email address that gets a gazillion pieces of junk mail each day anyway (it’s got to be a real email address so  you can activate your account). I don’t even look at the social networking junk, and I do my best to ignore the 800 million adverts. I endure all this because these games are just a hoot.

The basic premise for both games is the same: buy, tend, harvest, and sell plants.

With Gardenhood, you buy plants, place them in your garden, water them, and wait. It takes quite a while for the plants to mature (1-3 days), but it’s prettier than Barn Buddy, and you can buy lots of great extras like fences, benches, fountains, signs, and lots more. You can also send gifts of plants to your friends who play Gardenhood and visit their garden and water their plants to earn more coins. I’ve bought an orange tree, which is expensive, but gives continuous crop. (This is not my garden, btw. Mine is far less lovely)

Barn Buddy is very similar, but gives quicker harvesting and allows more interaction with your friends’ gardens. You can visit your friends and do nice things like water their plants and spray their bugs and weeds, or you can add bugs and weeds and even steal their crops.You can also buy a dog to protect your garden from thieves. Fertiliser is available to purchase to speed up harvesting times. You have to save 35,000 coins in order to buy another patch to expand.

For both games, certain plants and extras are locked and become available as you move up through the levels.

These games don’t take up a lot of time. You log in once or twice a day, tend your plants, harvest, buy and plant new ones, wreak havoc on help your friends’ gardens, and you’re done. Unless you set up more than one account and have a few gardens. Which is what I’ve done. And I wreak havoc on my own gardens because when you kill weeds and bugs, it gives you points which helps you to move up levels.

I’m sad, I know.

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