The Garden

16 Sep

I haven’t really felt like blogging about the garden. But a few days ago I realised that it’s September and the garden is starting to fade. Better take some photos and talk about how it went.

Flower bed (2) 9.09

The flower bed changed a lot over the months. We’ve added things, pulled things out, added more things. I recently added this plant, which looks a bit like foxglove, but is a perennial. I love it.

Flower bed 9.09

Our tomatoes are still green and I really hope we manage to get a few ripe ones before the weather gets bad.

Tomatoes 9.09

We live quite high up and the winds really rip through our garden. During a particularly bad gale, one of our sunflowers was uprooted. That mammoth plant was so heavy and a real pain to get back up and secured.

Sunflower 9.09

Stiggy pulled up a carrot a few days ago. It was so sweet.

I & carrot 9.09

I bought some cyclamen for the basket out front and for a wooden barrel flower pot. They’re gorgeous. They’ve popped out with several  more blooms since this photo was taken:

Cyclamen 9.09

My strawberry plants put out about 10 runners, and I’ve managed to pot up several of them. If they survive the winter, we should have a good crop next year.

The biggest hit this year, I think, were the herbs. I love having fresh herbs on hand and made real use of our mint, parsley, thyme, and sage.

Here’s the garden at the beginning of spring:

Photo of garden

And here it is now:

Garden 9.09

Not exactly an episode of Ground Force, but we did get a good start, despite such a rainy and windy summer. Not pictured is a low brick wall covered with potted plants: my herbs, foxglove, wisteria, strawberries, chilli plant, and a few others. There’s also a baby rhododendron to the right of the flower bed

We hope to do lots more next year: another flower bed on the opposite fence, another vegetable patch, a flower bed along the side of the shed for my sweet peas, and lots more.


How to tell an amateur gardener:

My next door neighbour had this plant growing up a bamboo cane in his garden:


I asked him what it was because I see it everywhere and I love it and I’d like to grow it. He laughed and replied: ‘You can have it! It’s a weed!’ He proceeded to yank it out of the ground and hand it to me over the fence. I buried the broken vines and after a few days it rejuvenated and more flowers came out, but now it’s totally dead. I think my husband ‘accidentally’ did something to it. Never mind. Maybe it will reseed or come back from the dead next year. It is a weed, after all.

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Posted by on September 16, 2009 in Gardening


One response to “The Garden

  1. Suji

    September 20, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    I’m such a wimp at gardening. Since our move, that’s the one area I just haven’t been adventurous with tackling or changing what the previous owners did. I really like what you’re doing with yours and the experiences Stiggy is getting playing with soil and plants like that 🙂


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