My Health Part II

06 Jul

I visited my GP. When I went into his office I greeted him with, ‘I’m baaaaa-aaaaaack!’ Fortunately he has a sense of humour and chuckled. I pulled out my list of health complaints, flicked it open dramatically and fired away. First, he looked into my ears and said the right one was ‘gunky.’ Gunky as in ear waxy, or gunky as in infection? Infection, he said. He also said my rash is probably Rosacea, which wasn’t a surprise. I asked him about the blood tests I’d had and explained to him that I need to know what’s been ruled out because I go home and start trying to diagnose myself, which is not a good thing. He said my CRP levels had been checked. This is a sensitive test that checks inflammation levels and a raised CRP can indicate lots of things including infection, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. Mine is fine. (Boy, wouldn’t that have been nice to know weeks ago??!???!?!?!) He also had my liver and thyroid function checked, which were also fine. A full blood count was taken, and one or two other things checked. He said I may need to have this sty ‘cut off.’

He then felt my neck and under my arm (I’ve had pain there, too), but said he couldn’t feel any lumps or raised lymph nodes. However, he wants me to come back in a few weeks and have all my lymph nodes felt.

He prescribed me a spray for my ear and a cream for the rosacea and sent me on my way, telling me to book a double appointment and bring my list along. 🙂

The next day I had an eye test. A couple of months ago, I noticed a big increase in the number of floaters in my eyes and my vision had become blurry. Well, a few days ago I was reading about eye conditions and discovered that these are a few of the symptoms of a detached retina which can cause blindness. Oh, joy.

The Optometrist I saw was lovely. She spent aaaaages looking at my eyes, did about 10 different tests and declared that my retinas were fine, but I do have astigmatism and some glasses may help. She gave me my prescription and I’m now shopping around for cheap glasses; I don’t need them all the time.

I felt quite reassured after seeing my GP, but that feeling only lasted a day. Why? Partly because he can’t explain all my problems and partly because every day there’s something new. In the past 6 months I’ve not had a single day where I’ve thought, ‘I feel good today.’ Not one. I’ve now got some tightness in my throat and when I take a deep breath it makes me cough. I’m becoming breathless quite easily. I’ve also got terrible heartburn, which I never get. In a few days, it’ll be something else. It’s hard to stay positive. I tell myself it’s nothing, it’s stress, it’ll go away…but one thing goes, an old problem returns, and a new one pops up. I’m so tired and my energy levels have never been lower.

I suppose I’ve got to keep busy and distracted. The more I dwell on things, the worse my symptoms become.

Fortunately, we’re at the end of our homeschooling year. Right now we’re just concentrating on reading and practising acquired skills. Hopefully once I get my groove back I’ll do some planning for September.


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2 responses to “My Health Part II

  1. Helen

    July 6, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Hi Michelle
    So sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell for such a long time. Your GP sounds amazingly patient and helpful – even though you don't have a diagnosis! The following thoughts are not from any medical expertise, just from personal experience, but are probably worth mentioning as they will either be helpful, or will provide you with a brief distraction from whatever is feeling poorly right now! I was wondering if you are feeling unhappy about anything or things, especially something you can date back to around the time these symptoms began. The reason I ask is that twice in the last few years I have had a sore throat to the point of being virtually unable to speak for weeks and weeks and weeks and the GP couldn't see anything wrong with my throat whatsoever, not even slightly inflamed – well, it turned out that on each occasion I was bottling up unhappiness of different types – once was fear on top of exhaustion and the second time was grief. I found that as soon as I vocalised my emotions to someone other than dh or the GP – ie stepped out of my comfort zone and admitted I was hurting and not invincible! – I made quite a prompt physical recovery. A friend recently talked about how she had been very ill for a long time and she now realised with the benefit of hindsight that it was due to harbouring unreleased anger. Once the underlying problem was dealt with she became a great deal better physically.
    Anyway, I do hope you begin to make some improvements in your health, maybe a summer break from homeschooling will give you the chance to rest and recuperate a bit.
    Lots of love, Helen

  2. Michelle

    July 7, 2009 at 9:08 am

    Hi Helen,
    I'm feeling a lot of things, actually, but they certainly are not bottled up. 🙂 I'm pretty good at 'letting it all out.' I do wonder, though, if most of this isn't stress/psychological. When I'm stressed, I get a lot of physical symptoms anyway, so maybe because I've been super-stressed for the past few months, it's really wrecking havoc. And obviously I'm worried about my health, which makes it all worse- a vicious cycle.

    As for my GP- yes, he's been patient, but he seems unable to think outside the box. My symptoms don't match any condition in his check lists so he's determined that these are all totally unrelated symptoms. I think there is something at the heart of this. I've not felt well for 6 months. Something's going on here.

    Thanks so much for your comment. 🙂


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