Authors We Love: Oliver Jeffers

17 Jun

Has anyone heard of Oliver Jeffers? He’s an Irish artist (living in NY), who writes and illustrates beautiful picture books for children. Stiggy simply loves these books and will often ask me to read all of them in one sitting. I think he loves that the stories are about a boy (who has no name, except in one) who seems quite ordinary, but does extraordinary things. Despite the fact that the little boy in the stories is going to the moon, rowing to the south pole, and eating books, Stiggy seems to relate to him somehow. He also loves that characters from previous stories sometimes make guest appearances in newer ones.

The illustrations are gorgeous (I love the colours) and the text is heart-warming, well-written, and uncomplicated, but engaging. Reading one book leaves you hungry for more, which must be why Stiggy wants to read them all together.

I can’t recommend these books enough; even little girls will like them, I think. Completely original, fun, lively, imaginative…these stories really seem to speak to children. Oliver Jeffers seems to have retained something of his childhood; he just gets young children.

And, no, I’m not being paid to endorse these books. 🙂 We just love them. For some reason, I don’t hear much talk about Mr. Jeffer’s books. They deserve more hoopla.


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