Time to Get Fit (Post #2)

11 May

Weigh in for 27/4/09: 129 pounds (9 stone, 3 pounds)
Weigh in for 4/5/09: 126 pounds (9 stone)
Weigh in for 11/5/09: 126 pounds (9 stone)

I’m not exactly surprised by this. Last week I had several interruptions (hubby was home for bank holiday Monday and we were out all day, Stiggy and I went to Trafford Centre on Tuesday, and I came down with a cold on Thursday). I did manage yoga on Wednesday and Friday and as usual, I spent most of Sunday vigorously cleaning the house, which although not a great cardio workout, does burn quite a few calories when you’re at it for a good 4-5 hours.

It’s also not a surprise because 1. I’ve not really changed my diet, and 2. This always happens in the beginning when I try to lose weight. I need to get some willpower and change my diet.

Sigh. At least I didn’t put any weight on.

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Posted by on May 11, 2009 in Michelle


One response to “Time to Get Fit (Post #2)

  1. Kez

    May 11, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    You can do it Michelle!

    Mine’s going to be a shocker this week I think 😦


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