It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

06 May

As we’re on holiday, there hasn’t been much in the way of homeschooling for the past several days. We’ve been doing a bit of gardening, but the rains have come which has severely limited our outdoor time. We’ve done a bit of shopping for the garden, and discovered a great nursery in Manchester. It’s called Mockridge Nursery and it’s located near IKEA, tucked behind the huge Ashton Park Garden Centre (which is where you go if you want to get ripped off). There’s an amazing selection of healthy plants, trees, shrubs, fruit trees, and more; they’re very cheap, and the people are friendly.

I never would have thought I could sprout seeds in an ice cube tray enclosed in a Ziplock bag and left on a window ledge. When I set it up, I laughed at myself and my amateur methods, but it worked. My Osteo seeds have sprouted this way. I’ve transfered the shoots to yogurt pots.

I also used a little clear plastic tub with a lid as a propogator to sprout lavender. That worked a treat; once the shoots came up I just removed the lid. Not sure how I’ll get them into a pot, but they seem happy where they are for now. The little leaves are beautifully scented.

My lily of the valley is shooting up nicely, but I don’t think I sunk the bulbs deep enough because one or two of the shoots are going sideways. I thought I was suppose to leave the top (which looks like a pink shoot) exposed. Hopefully next time I’ll get it right. I’m just pleased I planted it right way round; I really didn’t have a clue when I was doing it, and the drawing on the packaging looked nothing like the actual bulb I held in my hands.

We’ve got 2 types of mint: peppermint and spearmint. I love mint. I plant to make some mint bath bombs and whatever else nice I can make with mint.

I’ve recently sowed echinacea, pumpkin, corn, tomato. I’ve resowed thyme, sweet peas because they didn’t work in yogurt pots in the green house; too hot and dry, so I’ve done them in a window ledge propogator (£2 from Asda). The green house is now just being used as storage.

We’re hoping to get a vegetable patch going, and hubby has some nice ideas for building a planter and another raised bed. He and Stiggy have been busy digging out a stubborn tree root which is located right where we want the veggies to go.

We’ve bought a cheap plastic garden bag to grow potatoes in. I’ve got 2 potatoes that I’ve left in the dryer closet; I’m hoping the warm, humid air will make them sprout soon.

We’ve still got lots of seeds to plant, including Lunaria (see photo left) and Evening Primrose.


Car accident update: we were given a payout of £850 for our car which has been written off. We’re not happy with this because it’s not enough money to get a car that runs as well as our old one. We’re going to have to pay out of pocket for another, despite the fact that the accident was not our fault. They’ll be taking the rental car tomorrow and we still haven’t bought a replacement. Yikes.


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2 responses to “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

  1. Kez

    May 6, 2009 at 11:02 am

    Great idea about sprouting the seeds in the ice-cube trays & plastic bag! Looking forward to some more photos of your garden 🙂

    Ouch re the car – that's rough.

  2. Mama B

    May 7, 2009 at 4:21 am

    Ugh on the car! That’s got to be irritating.

    Side note/thought: Mint while lovely and fabulous creeps (as in taking over space) Might want to put it in a pot/container instead of the bed. (You might also already know that but it’s the bit of advice I had out from frustrating mint experience. Had mint out the wazoo and hardly anything else!)


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