Grow Your Own Drugs

17 Mar

In this amazing BBC programme, learn how to easily make your own natural toiletries and remedies. Click here to view the programmes, and view the recipes. Fizzy bath bombs, face masks, hops pillows for insomnia, throat lozenges, eczema cream, varicose vein cream, acne gel, head lice shampoo, deodorant, and more. These recipes use all natural materials. James Wong will show you how to do it and where to get the ingredients. And these recipes really work, according to the volunteers who test them. I can’t wait to try some of these out!

Next week: Find out out to use herbs to treat cold sores, bad breath, and insect bites. If I remember correctly, Mr. Wong said he was also going to show us how to make a face scrub.

AND, if you like the series, you might like the book! (Also available here on, but there are no reviews yet)

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Posted by on March 17, 2009 in BBC programmes, Inspiration


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