Moving On

06 Feb

Tomorrow’s the big day…I will take the pregnancy test in the morning, which will tell me if this nightmare is over yet or not. I’ve had some bleeding today, which may be my cycle. It seems a bit soon, but this whole thing began a few weeks ago, so I guess it’s possible.

Anyway, we had a great week. We got back into doing school, and it was just what I needed.

Stiggy did his yoga this week. Here are some high lights from that:

For art, we had red week. I bought Stiggy the book Red is Best. This is such a cute book. A bit young for Stiggy, but since red is his favourite colour, I knew he’d love it. We made puffy paint, using equal parts flour, salt, water, and red paint. It seemed a bit runny to me, so I added a bit more flour and salt. We put this into an empty squeeze bottle. This was a big hit.


I’ve recently been reading the book Free Range Education which is a collection of stories, mostly from families who unschool. Now, I’ve always been interested in unschooling, and although I can’t imagine going completely unschooly, this book has really made me want to be more unschooly. Yes, since my son’s only 5 we are already in many ways, but I’d like to take it further, and I can see myself ditching some of my more structured educational plans for the future.

I’m equally fascinated and terrified by this approach, and to be honest, some of the accounts in this book have put me off unschooling, but most of the scary ones were of familes who did the autonomous thing when the kids were teenagers and were removed from school. I think the younger they are when they begin, the better things go. But, I do still have certain academic expectations and I don’t see myself letting go of most of these; I just want to add more freedom and make Stiggy more responsible for his learning.

I’ve just created a new Yahoo group. My reason for doing so is that I’ve been disappointed with the 2 unschooling groups I’ve joined. There’s very little discussion about unschooling, and many members are very anti-structure and curricula…and they’re not afraid to let people know. There’s far too much ranting and debate, and too little discussion of what unschoolers do. The UK list I’m on mainly discusses the political aspect of home education and issues with local authorities. There hasn’t been a single post about unschooling so far. Not one.

So, I decided to create my own group. This is a strictly on-topic group to discuss unschooling, what families do each day, resources they use, problems or concerns, how they approach this or that, etc. No ranting, no bashing, no debating phonics versus whole language…there are other lists for that kind of thing. So, if my list sounds good to you, please join! 🙂


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