30 Dec

Since we’re Muslim, we don’t celebrate Christmas. Why not? Well, we believe that Jesus was a prophet and messenger, but not the son of God, saviour, or part of a trivium. He is a very respected prophet in our religion, but we believe he was a man, never the less, and we don’t really celebrate birthdays in our religion. (Although many of us do for our children…and I expect a present from my hubby on mine 🙂 )

But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy Christmas. It’s great for us because most of the family members don’t have to work and we like to get together. My brother-in-law showed up to one gathering wearing a Santa hat and beard which we all giggled at.

Our kind next-door neighbour gave us cards and gave Stiggy a Christmas cracker with a £10 note slipped inside. He didn’t know we don’t celebrate Christmas. When he asked me if we were ready for Christmas, I kindly told him we don’t really celebrate it. The poor man was worried he had offended us. How could kindness offend us? I don’t get people being offended because someone gave them a Christmas card. It’s political correctness gone overboard. I made him some jam cookies and thanked him for his kindness and for being such a great neighbour (when so many of our neighbours are criminals…those are the ones that offend us.)

We also had a lovely surprise…my sister-in-law gave birth to a darling baby girl (a little extra special because she has 3 lovely boys already) 2 weeks early (we all said it would be early).

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Posted by on December 30, 2008 in Family Life, Islam


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