I Need to Grumble a Bit

12 Dec

As I feared, apart from the first 2 days, we didn’t accomplish anything. Nothing. Even our read-alouds were cut back a bit. An unwanted, forced 2-week holiday, this was. I wouldn’t have minded taking time off school if we had done something, or at least spent a happy 2 weeks together at home, making the most of our time together, but we didn’t.

I’m a bit grumpy, too. My husband is just not a ray of sunshine when he’s taking time off work, and now I’m in a bad mood. This makes no sense, of course, as he hates work, and is always scrambling to get done early so he can get home, but there it is. Out of respect to him and our marriage, I won’t go into details, but this was such an unproductive, miserable, waste of 2 weeks. Two weeks of my life that I’ll never get back. I’m not just talking about school, but life in general. I really try to make the most of things when he’s home, but it always goes downhill, and I’m greatly relieved that things will be going back to normal soon. Usually someone’s ill when he’s off. We were spared that, but in some ways I think I would have preferred to be in bed with the flu during this ‘holiday.’

Actually, now I feel like I need a holiday- a real holiday. Away from it all. Even a few hours would be nice. Times like these make me regret giving up nursing.

For about 5 minutes.

Then I remember what it was like having to do 10,000-word assignments while working 10-hour night shifts, then back to day shifts, then afternoon shifts (all in the same week), taking smelly taxis home, and shipping my son off to his £500-a-month nursery where he could catch every bug that can fester, coming home exhausted and crying because he misses us, and then having to put the TV on for him, so I could cook and clean and do laundry and disinfect my uniforms, then a quick meal, get my son in bed so I could work on those assignments. I barely remember having a son during that year. And I certainly had no marriage.

No, thank you. I’ll keep my life the way it is, grumpy husband and all.

I feel a lot better now.

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Posted by on December 12, 2008 in Family Life, Michelle


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