Snow Day

02 Dec

Since I’ve been living in England, we’ve usually had one good day of snow per year. It doesn’t usually last, thought; within hours (or even minutes) it melts away. It’s just not cold enough to last very long. Our end of the street was made a dead-end 2 summers ago, and last winter when it snowed we were unable to get out of our street since it’s a slightly uphill drive. I don’t think the council has realised that our street needs to be gritted (yes, we should complain). So, I went outside last year and shovelled two tyre-sized tracks so we could get out. By the time we returned from our outing, the snow had melted.

It snowed last night. A nice, fluffy, wet snow. Perfect for making snowmen…and it’s cold enough that it isn’t melting (yet). Luckily, my husband is on holiday so we don’t need to worry about getting out of our street. Most of the people our end of the street do not drive, or don’t need to, so although there are lots of footprints on the street, there are no tyre tracks.

My husband has taken 2 weeks off from work. Two weeks. Two whole, loooooong weeks. Off work. At home. With us. Oh joy.

I do like it when he takes time off, but it messes with my routine, lessons do not go well, and there tends to be a bit more bickering.

Anyway, Hubby took Stiggy outside and they had a blast playing in the snow. They had to have the usual snow-ball fight, then they got down to the serious matter of building a snow man. Stiggy used a dust pan to scoop snow to mould into the body. I gave them a carrot, banana, and grapes the create the face. When they came inside, they had hot drinks, made by the loving wife/mother. (I ventured out only to snap a photo)

After that, it was time for some lessons.

As predicted, it didn’t go well. We managed to do a reading lesson yesterday, but today, Stiggy just could not concentrate. He kept rubbing his face, looking around, scratching his head, yawning, looking at me instead of the book…I’ve never see him so distracted. He said the word ‘hits’ was too hard. This is a child, who just yesterday, managed to read the word ‘Frogsbottom.’ (From Russell the Sheep, who lives in Frogsbottom field).

So, I put the book away. We’re having a snow day.


One response to “Snow Day

  1. Lynn

    December 2, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    you have more snow than us! not fair 😉


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