Charlotte Mason

21 Oct

I’ve been reading Catherine Levison’s book: More Charlotte Mason Education. It really is a very nice overview of the Charlotte Mason method, and it’s really inspiring me to incorporate more of Miss Mason’s methods into our homeschool. I particularly like what Catherine Levison says about too many activities and how they can compromise your homeschooling. I know a lot of people may not agree with that, but I’ve always felt that way. A few activities are great, but any more than that and we won’t be able to fit in everything and still have enough time to play, go outside, and have a bit of free time. Homeschooled children can end up just as overworked and stressed as schooled children.

I’m much more convinced about short lessons, too. If we’re given a set amount of time in which to complete something, we usually manage it, don’t we? Whether we’re told we have an hour, or just 15 minutes to complete a task, it will take us that amount of time. Usually, the longer we’re given, the more time we’ll spend goofing around or procrastinating (or, if you’re like me, planning 🙂

After I finish this book, I’m going to read the Karen Andreola book, which I’ve heard is more comprehensive.

Also, I was as on the Simply Charlotte Mason website, having a peruse, when I came across this page about handicrafts. This is exactly what I was talking about in my last post. Forget about crappy crafts (as my friend Lynn so succinctly put it) and let’s do something useful.

Here’s a link to a publication that has some useful info on the Charlotte Mason method. It is Christian, but even for non-Christians, it is very useful. There’s info on cultivating good habits, an overview of the method, and resources for finding living books.


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