17 Sep

We’ve been discussing the giving of an allowance on one of my yahoo groups. I’d been toying with the idea anyway, but after many of the comments, I decided to give it a go.

A few weeks ago Stiggy was having a moan because he wanted yet another Hot Wheels from Sainsbury’s and I’d told him no. I decided then to launch the allowance thing.

The allowance is not tied to his chores, because chores are just a part of family life. No one gets paid for doing housework. The rewards are natural: do the laundry and you have clean clothes; cook a meal and you get to eat something nice and homemade; vacuum and you won’t have dust bunnies tickling your toes, etc.

Now, I’d originally planned to give him some silly amount like 10p a week (which is about 22 cents). The idea being that if he wants something, he’ll have to save for it. (Instead of crying for it) I’m also hoping he’ll be more choosy about what he buys since it’s his own money. Of course, at that rate, he’d have to wait 10 weeks just for a Hot Wheels.

Then I decided to give him 50p, then 60p after his birthday (which is at the end of Nov). But even that I’m realising may be too little. He’s been looking through the Argos catalogue, and I’m realising it’s going to take him 40 weeks to save for one toy.

I know some parents give their kids $1 or £1 per year of child’s age each week, but I think that’s way too much. I can’t imagine giving my son £4 per week! There’d be no need to save, or at least save for very long.

So, we’ve put it up to £1 per week. This will also help him when he’s counting it. It will make much more sense to have, say, 5 coins, which is £5. (We don’t have £1 notes, here; they’re coins)

So far, things are going well, and he’s stopped asking for things in shops.

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Posted by on September 17, 2008 in External Motivators, Family Life, Milestones


One response to “Allowance

  1. Tinamama

    September 25, 2008 at 5:17 am

    we do a dollar for each year of life BUT she only gets paid when hubby gets paid…so she gets $7 twice a month, since hubby only gets paid twice a month.

    and recently she’s decided that she wanted a paid membership to and so we told her that that was fine if she paid for it…so every other payday she only gets $1 because $6 has gone to pay for her monthly membership to the website. she’s ok with this deal because she LOVES playing that game and building her igloo…and she has gotten pretty good at saving money for other things she wants with the amount she has left. pretty cool. 🙂

    we also don’t tie allowance to chores…i agree that no one should get paid for housework. however i have come up with a system for her to be able to earn more money when she feels inclined (if there’s a bigger ticket item she really wants), by having a list of “extra” chores that she can do for extra money. i remember earning a bike as a kid this way…my dad created this chart with all the chores i had to do to earn the bike…i used a highlighter to mark off all the extra chores i did. it took months, but i earned that bike! 🙂 i still remember that wonderful feeling of accomplishment over all the work i did to get that bike! 🙂


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