Wrapping It Up

09 Jul

It’s nearly the end of our visit…the time has gone so quickly and looking back on it I have to ask myself, ‘What, exactly, have we done with all this time?’ Not much really stands out in my mind. Most of our activities were ruined either by rain (the butterfly walk and star-gazing), bugs (we were going to pick boysenberries and make a pie, but we were being eaten alive by all kinds of insects, and when I saw a tick we ran for it), car troubles (bad brakes and mice nibbling on wires), the price of petrol (trips to the zoo and COSI cancelled, because it would have cost $40 just to get there), or the heat. Yes, I’m a wimp: when the temperature reaches above 90 I take cover.

I had planned to do some sort of homeschooling during this time. Besides reading aloud several times a day (which is already a habit), one or two activities from Mudpies to Magnets, a few arts and crafts things (including a papier mache project which is still not completed), anything educational was also accidental.

I have managed a HUGE amount of reading. I haven’t totaled it up, but I think it’s somewhere between 40 and 50 books. Much of the reading was ‘method’ exploring. I hope to comment of some of the reading in future posts. I made several curriculum purchases, too.

Basically, we had a nice, relaxing time. It wasn’t what I had planned, but it was great never the less. I’m really looking forward to getting home.

I’ll spend the next several days packing, cleaning, finishing up the library books and hauling the 82 items we have checked out back to the library over a few trips, last minute shopping, and trying not to stress, but doing it anyway. I have a heart murmur, so heart palpitations and an irregular rhythm often plague me at night during my last two weeks in the States. There’s just so much that can go wrong (and often does) when traveling; my biggest worry being the weight of my bags. It’s such a struggle to get everything in the suitcases and still remain within the weight restrictions. It didn’t used to be a problem, but since they’ve lowered the weight allowance by 20 pounds on each bag for international flights, it’s difficult. I have a luggage scale and I try to pack as early as I can to make any necessary adjustments, but I still worry.

Looking forward to seeing the hubby, getting back into our routine, and using some of these great books!

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