A Little Happy Moment…

23 Jun

I was shopping for groceries a few days ago. As we went up and down the aisles, we passed an older lady on one of those electric scooters. She had (I’m assuming) her grandson on her lap. He sat there, completely engrossed in a little hand-held computer game, not speaking (other than to the screen), not tearing is eyes away for even a second. So, although he was in such close physical contact with his grandmother, there was no interaction between them whatsoever.

My son was in the cart. He had one of those big cheapo calculators with the big buttons. He was using the calculator to add up our groceries, to blast space invaders, and to programme his high-speed racer. He was making all kinds of great (and loud) sound effects, chatting to me and to passers-by as they inevitably smiled, laughed, and commented on his lively play.

I was a happy shopper that day, and not just because there was a sale on strawberries. From that little play experience, he was using his imagination, learning a little about math, and interacting with other people…aha! Socialization!


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